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Announcing - italian community website for Plone is the new Italian Website about Plone, one of the best Content Management Systems on the market. is the new development and community website about Plone in Italy.

The new portal is addressed to the italian community of Plone users and developers: it aims to provide documentation about Plone in italian, visibility and aggregation for the italian community, and a channel to find and contribute localized material for the promotion of Plone.

Plone Italia Screenshot

Scopri, Partecipa, Diffondi

Discover (Scopri), Partecipate (Partecipa), Spread (Diffondi), are the three main sections of the website and the three major goals.

We want people that are new to Plone to start learning about it in italian, if they wish, and the italian users and developers to have a place to look at when searching for regional news, information, translations - say the site managers.

The site is very agile at this stage and it is growing with new ideas every day. Below the main structure, a Plone Help Center (Centro Documentazione) is available to collect tips, documentations and italian howtos and specific sections (eg PloneGov, Il prodotto della settimana) are opening under the proposal of mantainers and volounteers.

Simple as Pizza

Simple architecture, cool technology and a graphic theme that wants to be a tribute to the Italian Community;  these are the basic ingredients of like in Pizza, the cooking makes the rest. is built on Plone3, currently the major release of the Plone CMS. It is using the new Plone logo and colors and the Capri-Pizza skin, designed during the Naples Plone Conference Sprints.

Just to mention some interesting features, the employment of the versioning tools (shipped with Plone3), several add-on products like the Plone Help Center for the documentation and the Plone4Artists bundle to manage multimedia.

The site was launched and is currently mantained by the Reflab team, which is working constantly on it with a nice group of volounteers:

"The evolution of Plone is continuous and it is gaining momentum in Italy"  - says Francesco Ciriaci, Plone consultant and evangelist -  "it was time to have an italian portal to reflect this state of things; now we're so glad to have it!"

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